Business Support


Buying or updating your Macintosh system can be complex, difficult and time consuming. We offer a consultancy service that will help you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. By analysing your system and requirements we can devise the appropriate solution saving you time and money. And it is not just the computers themselves we can help you with. We are adept at providing total solutions including networks, servers, back-up, archiving, internet access, broadband and email. We can put together a total solution for you, avoiding the buck-passing that often goes on when you have solutions from multiple suppliers. We’ll liaise with BT, broadband providers, and corporate IT departments to make sure the solution goes in with as few hiccups as possible.


We recognise that every Mac users support requirements are unique. As a result we have designed a number of packages to meet those needs.

Our Apple Macintosh Support packages provide different levels of Mac support including telephone support, on-site support, parts and loan equipment. We also offer bespoke solutions such as out of hours support if required.

Prevent problems before they arise.
Experience has shown that most users do not have the time to regularly maintain their machines. This can cause various problems from ‘simple’ system crashes to serious data loss.

Our preventative maintenance service ensures that your software is up to date and any potential problems are identified before they become serious and possibly costly.

Telephone & Remote Support
90% of problems can be fixed without attending your office, most within the hour by remotely accessing your Mac and taking control of it to assess and resolve the problem, saving you time & money.